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PROGUARD is a coil corrosion coating specifically formulated for the HVAC Industry, that gives exceptional protection and greatly increases the lifespan of any aircon unit.

Cyberchem's PROGUARD corrosion coating has been formulated using PPG’s latest waterborne Direct To Metal technology to the latest ISO 12944: 2018 norm standard and has excelled in reaching the highest standard of C5.

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Cyberchem’s PROGUARD is a corrosion protection coating that can be applied directly to a metal base and does not require a primer. PROGUARD can be applied directly to the Aircon coil (see method statement for detail).

  • Prevents corrosion on aluminium and all other metal surfaces
  • Protects and prevents corrosion on HVAC coils


  • All surfaces to be coated should be free of moisture, oil and grease
  • Clean surfaces with an alkaline degreaser (Recoil or Recoil Eco) or equivalent which will leave no residue, to give the best results
  • When using an airline sprayer, hold nozzle approx. 20 to 30 cm from surface to be sprayed
  • While spraying move nozzle back and forth quickly to deposit an even finish. May also be applied with a paint brush
  • Leave to dry for at least 30 minutes
  • Coverage: 17-25 m²/L @20µm. (+-250ml/12000 BTU Coil for PROGUARD Malachite Blue)
  • First apply 1x very light “tack coat” allow to flash off for 5 min. 
  • Apply first light full cover coat, allow to flash off for 15-20min@20°C. 
  • PROGUARD Malachite Blue for coils will go from milky blue to translucent once flash off is complete, solid colours, wait till no longer wet, but still tacky before next coat.
  • Drying specs as per the PROGUARD method statement:


A water based Direct to Metal corrosion protection coating.

Relative Density



Keep in a cool place away from heat.

Keep container closed when not in use.

Keep out of reach of children.

Use with adequate ventilation.

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