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Recoil Non Rinse

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Aluminium and metal NON-RINSING coil cleaner. A blend of emulsifiers and detergents. NON-ACID formulation. Contains a QAC biocide for control of algae and bacteria.

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  • Designed to clean indoor air conditioning coils and permanent filters
  • Can be used in occupied rooms
  • Use as a filter adhesive


Self-rinsing method

  • Clean air conditioning cooling coils by diluting RECOIL NON-RINSE with up to five parts water
  • Using a pump-up sprayer, spray directly onto the coil, making certain that the product penetrates to all areas
  • Allow chemical to remain for at least 30 minutes on the evaporator coil before switching on
  • Turn unit on and normal cycling will create condensation on cooling coils allowing product to self-rinse dissolved solids into condensate pan

Spray on – rinse off method

  • Dilute 1 part product with up to 4 parts water
  • Apply to coils, fans or other soiled areas
  • After five minutes, rinse away loosened soil with water and allow to dry


  • Does not require rinsing  
  • Extremely dirty coils may require an initial cleaning with a more aggressive cleaner followed by regular applications of RECOIL NON-RINSE
  • Spray diluted product on clean filters when used as an adhesive



  Blend of Alkali and Surfactants
pH 12
Specific Gravity 1.010
Odour Pleasant Pine fragrance
Product Specifications Documents


Eyes Flush with plenty of water
Ingestion Give large quantities of water or milk
Skin Wash with plenty of water

Avoid prolonged contact with eyes or sensitive skin areas.

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