Oxy Clean

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A stabilized bio-oxidant solution, non-corrosive and stabilized for long term storage.

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  • Active-oxygen fortified drain opener and maintainer
  • Eliminates organic odours
  • Dissolves hydrocarbons such as greases, oils, fats and solvents that build up in drain lines and grease traps
  • Dissolves and eliminates bodily fluids and substances such as blood, cellulite and tissue
  • Breaks down sugars, syrups, & slime that build up in soda fountain drains, ice machine drains & water fountain drains
  • Used in chiller rooms to break down ice and blood stains on the concrete floors
  • Used in hospital and dentistry theaters to clean suction drainage lines


  • Reduces CODs, BODs and TSSs and their related surcharges
  • Increases DO, which boosts biological metabolic activity downstream at the waste water treatment plant
  • Scavenges poisonous hydrogen sulfide, preventing it from corroding metal surfaces
  • 100 % Biodegradable, Non-flammable and  Non-corrosive
  • Contains no surfactants, emulsifiers or solvents
  • No toxic by-products
  • Will remove heavy fat and grease in grease traps and drain lines


  • Slowly add Oxy Clean to each drain opening with those located closest to the grease trap and working upstream
  • 3 – 5 litres per drain opening may be required to completely remove existing buildups
  • Foam can be rinsed back into the drain easily after applicatio
  • If fumes are produced during the application, add cold water to slow down the cleaning process and to eliminate the fumes


pH 4.0
Specific gravity 1.020-1.030
Odour Slight vinegar
Appearance Water white liquid
Product Specifications Documents


Use C-Apron, protective gloves and safety glasses.

Shelf – Life: 6 month shelf-life (unopened), 1 month shelf-life (opened).

Store in cool place.

See Material Safety Data Sheets for more information.

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