MX-70 Hydrocarbon Convertor

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MX-70 Hydrocarbon Convertor is a complex blend of mineral silicates designed to neutralise oils and other hydrocarbons for safe disposal. MX-70 Hydrocarbon Convertor, encapsulates the hydrocarbon chains in a silica matrix resulting in harmless reaction products such as organo silicates.

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  • Soil remediation
  • Oil/Hydrocarbon spills
  • Acid spills
  • Heavy metal encapsulation
  • Cleaning of storage tanks & equipment
  • Cleaning of marine vessels at sea
  • Cleaning of intertidal zones
  • Cleaning of railway lines
  • Concrete and Tar surfaces
  • Workshops & Wash Bays


  • Use undiluted for heavy spills
  • Dilute 1:1 for medium spills or soiling
  • Dilute 1:3 for light cleaning, or for repeat cleaning


  • Water soluble
  • Non- flammable




Proprietary blend of Silicate 25-35%
Product Specifications Documents


Eyes Remove contact lenses. Flush with water or saline for 15min
Skin Wash with soap and water. Gloves are recommended

MX70 will etch glass.

In its concentrated form the product is highly alkaline and can be harmful to aquatic life, and therefore caution should be taken when utilized near waterways.

If used as recommended, the contamination that MX70 is used to treat being acidic in nature, will counter the high alkalinity, thereby mitigating the risk that MX70 may pose. However, care must be taken to prevent any spills during the storage and transportation phase.

If a spill should occur, immediately consult a registered waste management company and dispose of according to municipal by laws.

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